The materials curated on this site were gathered as part of a larger, multilayered, multi-year research project. Please view the various subpages in this About section to learn more about:

  • Project History—This page describes the foundational research questions and studies—both successes and failures—that led us to pursue a multi-site study of techno-ecological professional development on college and university campuses.  
  • Current Project BackgroundThis page describes the site visit part of our research project, from the CCCC Emergent Researcher Award proposal we started with, to the site selection process, and through the data collection at each site.
  • Presentations and Publications—This page includes a list of publications, conference presentations, and grants that have supported this project. 
  • Researchers—This page includes biographic information about the researchers who put together this site: Kerri Hauman, Stacy Kastner, and Alison Witte. 
  • Contributors—This page includes a chart of all of the incredibly generous scholars, teachers, mentors, and WPAs whose time, expertise, and participation made this project possible. (If you’re one of them, THANK YOU!!) 
  • Works Cited—This page provides a comprehensive list of works that are cited across our About section subpages.