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Digital WPA

Research Materials

We’ve provided additional context for this exhibit on our Project History and Current Project Background pages. Here, we briefly contextualize items included in the below gallery of research materials. We hope these materials prove useful to graduate students and post-grads embarking on their first empirical investigations.

We cannot stress enough, these materials exist as the result of conversations and review sessions--formal and informal--with graduate program advisors, mentors at conferences, audience members at conference presentations, and participants in our research at various phases along the way (please see a complete list of contributors here). We received frequent support and feedback as we dreamed up each of these projects and refined each of these tools and are especially grateful to Kristine Blair, Lee Nickoson, and Dànielle Nicole DeVoss who have supported us at every stage of this project. As well, we are grateful to Michigan State University, whose writing program, at the request of Dànielle, hosted us for a pilot site visit that influenced the tools used in our fourth phase of this project (site visits). Feedback and input from current and past WPAs Bump Halbritter, Julie Lindquist, Joyce Meier, and Bree Strayaar was particularly instructive for planning our visits and refining our interview scripts for WPAs. Our map making focus group protocol was likewise refined after our visit to MSU where then graduate students Phil Bratta, Wonderful Faison, Jay McClintick, Erica Smith, and Bree Strayaar were generous with feedback. We also wish to thank Shirley Rose, who served as our CCCCs appointed mentor, and Jenn Fishman, who not only welcomed us to Marquette but who also served as a generous thought-partner since joining the project, particularly with regards to this site that you’re now viewing!

Interview Scripts
Map Making Materials
IRB Materials
Grant and Project Planning Materials
Research Materials